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In a time where individuality and differentiation is so immensely celebrated. Woman and men started sporting nail art designs that pushed the envelope and showcased how creative they really can be by introducing new colours, shapes, concepts and styles. A few of these trends were a modern take on classic nail art styles such as the famous French manicure and others were just out right new designs that no one has seen before. Here is a look at the nail art trends that rocked the beauty industry.ย 

Animal Print Nailsย 


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leopard french ๐Ÿ†

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From leopard, cow or tortoise shell print nails, animal prints on acrylics have been making a huge debut with people showing their animalistic flare in a creative and fun way. Now instead of just wearing animal prints on clothes, shoes and head gear, people have kicked it up a notch and are wearing them on their nails to show that they truly are about the animal agenda.

Colourful French Tips


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back at it again with nail bae ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿผ

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A modern take on a classic nail art style, French manicures have been pushed to the next level with the introduction of pastel and neon coloured tips. Seen on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, colourful french tip manicures are the perfect combination between the old and new trends being embraced in the beauty industry.

Rainbow Nailsย 

Colour is in the forefront of trends within the beauty community and rainbow nails are no exception to this trend. Rainbow colours have been a growing trend giving nod to the colours of the LQBTI+ community flagย on a set of nails.ย 

Monochromatic Nails

The use of different shades of one colour has become a great trend exploring the different tones and fonts of specific colours. This trend is a great way to commit to one colour whilst also adding an exciting twist of variety.ย 

Men Nails


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More recently, especially in the world of fashion, nail art for men is becoming more prominent thanks to A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti and LQBTI+ beauty influencers. Designs usually features writing, yellow smiley faces and outline manicures. The nail art are simple and understated designs under a glossy finish.ย 

Outline Manicures

Either used to show off short and neat nails, or long and sleek ones. Outline manicures have stormed the nail and beauty industry with the likes of many trendy influencers sporting the clean and minimalistic nail art style.ย 

Flame Nails

This hot trend has popped up in many different colours, styles and placements. One of the biggest nail art trends to come out of 2019. This trend surely leaves a blazing impression on onlookers, paying homage to early 2000’s fashion trend, the naughties have made a come back in a major way.

Glass Nails

There are glass nails, these branch out into their own sub category within the trend because they are so versatile. These can “display” art and accessories. Although often criticized for being difficult to maintain, glass nails can act as a blank canvas for the artistic to add whatever colours and graphics onto them.ย 

Pierced Nails


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Put a ring on it ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’ @rave_nailz #manimonday #nailspo #piercednails

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Urban nails, that appealed to women of colour and members of the black LGBTI+ community. Pierced nails are actually not a new thing to be seen, black woman and drag queens were rocking these eccentric nails in the 90โ€™s and early 2000s. beauty Influencers, fashionistas and celebrities have revived the look to create a dope trend in 2019.ย 

Extra Long Nails

Who said less is more?!ย  Extra long nails have always been a staple in the black and Afro-latin communities for decades, however the wider beauty community is celebrating the trend again by rocking really long acrylics and gel nail sets. Be it a square, coffin, ballerina or stiletto shapes, the long length suites them all.ย 

Different Nail Shapes on One Hand

Everyone loves variety because truly the more is merrier. Different nail shapes on one hand has become a big trend seeing people mixing square, almond, coffin and stiletto shapes on different fingers.ย 

Marble Nails


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Sophisticated and classy, nails that have a marble texture effect have notably been one of the biggest trends in the nail and beauty industry. Usually seen on white, cream and soft pink coloured nails, the marble nails have been favoured by many for itโ€™s feminine and classy aesthetic.ย 

Press on Nails


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*NEW* Gold Cabernet! What a beautiful combo of burgundy and gold! #pressonnails #burgundy #gold #glueonnails #nails #new

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As Lil Yatchy once famously said sometimes you just want things โ€œFor one nightโ€, Press on nails are perfect for when you want to experience with nail art designs without having to commit to them. Praised for their versatility and convenience, itโ€™s no wonder press ons have been such a big trend. ย  ย 

Gel Sculptured Nails

This look trended to as it gives a seamless non acrylic non plastic look and less admin too. These are less harming to the nail bed because no glue is used.ย 


Poly gel is exactly like gel sculptured nails but with less admin and foils.ย 

Fibreglass Nails


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Fibreglass was initially used as a way to repair a broken natural nail, or add a layer onto a natural to make it stronger. Fibreglass is now used as a quick way to sculpt a nail.

It safe to say that there were many nail art trends that stormed these recent years and we havenโ€™t even counted all of them ! Keep on the look out for more innovative and classic trends set to rock the nail industry in the near future.ย 

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