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Thanks to it’s natural looking results, eyebrow Microshading has a unique spot in the beauty spotlight.

Yes it is a little on the costly side, but it liberates you from drawing, measuring and blending towards the centre of your face every morning. Microshading is a new brow procedure that’s gaining traction on Instagram. It is a sister technique to Microblading; the two are procedures are often used together.
Both are extremely specific, semi-permanent brow tattooing options, but there’s still a vast difference between the two techniques. Semi-permanent is great because we need conquer the next eyebrow trend, babe!

Microblading is lots of tiny, thin strokes, and Microshading is a dot-to-dot method, that mimics the blending out of pomade or powder towards the centre. Microblading is essentially like sketching on individual hairs as you would with brow pencil, whereas Microshading gives more of a soft, tapered finish, like an eyebrow pomade or powder.
Microshading is also a little gentler on the skin, but that does mean it fades faster than Microblading, and you may need to go in for touch-ups regularly. With anything that is semi-permanent, sorry those rules apply. I mean beauty is pain, right? The video below is the perfect example of both Microblading and Microshading.

Just like with Microblading, all the same disclaimers apply: The oilier your skin, the quicker the fade is going to be. After the procedure you will need to avoid sweating, as this will cause irritation and just the overall look of it. Beyond this little article, your therapist or eyebrow specialist will advise on after care. Microshading may even need a touch-up as much as every six weeks. As mentioned before, it is a costly procedure and if you come across one that’s a little on the cheaper side, chances are it is too good to be true. This is after all a tattoo on your face; always go the professional and hygienic route.

If you’re not sure which technique best suits you, your therapist or brow artist will advice you and even come up with a shape that compliments your face shape.
Is Microshading worth a bank card swipe?

Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash


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