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#CarveCardio: Staying On Track With Mo

The COVID-19 lockdown has affected many areas of our lives and we are struggling with the current schedules we are on. In the beginning of this lockdown it might have felt like much needed rest but now most us are bored. The social media challenges have slowed down and I guess we are all trying to make sense of this new reality.

Most of us, if not everyone looked at areas in their lives that needed improvement and gym seemed to be at the top of the list for most people. By day 5 I had already fallen off the wagon; but as I was scrolling through my instagram I came across a fitness page that grabbed my attention. When I saw her #stayingontrack videos where she had a workout using appliances in her house I was immediately sold on the idea. Check out this fridge workout.

“The idea was simple: to keep track of my wholistic fitness lifestyle for the 21 days and observe how that manifests in the physical”, she said. I was like PERFECT! can I join you?

Lets just say that was hectic.com, check out the amazing glute workouts we did with a subwoover speaker.

The best part of this session was getting to know her. Here are some of the questions I asked her.

Q. Who is Modie?

Modie is a God loving feisty dreamer born and bred in the North of Pretoria.
Growing up in a family of just girls, I always made it a point to be braver than the average girl because we didn’t have brothers to defend us. This has since governed my entire life where pushing boundaries (shit scared half the time) is always the order of the day. I’m simply put, that tenacious female that’s chasing down her purpose.

Q. What is your 9-5 profession and what were you doing for fun before this fitness bug bit you? 

Fitness is my purpose place, it’s a platform I use to leave bits of my heart that I can’t necessarily easily share with everyone through one on one interactions. My 9 to 5? I’m a Digital Content Manager for the coolest tribe in the North of Johannesburg that Dares brands to do something they’ve never done before in DIGITAL!

Q. Most people associate you with fitness, how did you become a fanatic?

Hahaha they do, people look at me side ways when I have a burger. One would swear I ooze health vibes, but hey, I’m not complaining!
Fitness proved to me that I am strong enough to do anything if I put my mind to it. From this alone, I’ve watched my life transform in many other areas. So I’m never looking back!

Q. At this point we are on day something something of this lockdown, as someone who is alone in this period; whats keeping you sane?

God, routine, meditation, prayer, worship, training. Those are my magic stay sane tricks!

Q. Many people have different opinions about what should be done in this lockdown period, like enhancing a skill etc. What positive skill are you trying to hone in this lockdown?

We are feeling a bit of social pressure to come out transformed on the other side right?!
I’m working on bettering my skills in the digital marketing space.

Q. Nutrition is very important to achieving fitness goals, what are the three main things that you will leave the house to go stock up on in this lockdown?

1. BANANAS! I have a Banana before and after training – muscles love that stuff!
2. Chicken breast
3. Rooibos Tea

Q. Your social media platform is mostly about fitness, what do you specifically want it to say about you and how do you see it impacting the people who follow you?

My page is the one place you go to when you want to rid yourself of the pressure to be perfect. It details the highs and the lows. You can laugh a bit and relate a lot. It’s an honest story about how fitness can change your life.

Q. Name your top 3 fitness influencers?

Letshego Zulu
Massy Arias
Chanel Delisser


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Q. We see a couple of brands that like the direction of your page and since they use social media influencers to promote, how about you flex on us by mentioning all your partnerships so far?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with brands like USN, The Core Group (Beats Headsets) and currently Shock Absorber SA.

The right brands will engage you when they can see the honesty in your brand story. That’s why it’s so important to understand your own brand first, build it like no one is watching then allow other brands to tap into your magic.


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Q. I bet you want to work on more brands, name top 3 brands that you cannot wait to work with. We are speaking it to existence right?

My ideal collaborations at this stage as I work my way to perfecting my craft are Women’s Health, Woolworths & Multichoice. I’m looking to network, for that networth you know😉.

Q. What is your fitness passion project? As a brand what new thing is Modie going to bring into the fitness world?

The dream is to help people do the inner work! Fitness has a sneaky way of making you engage yourself beyond the body to manage winning at getting to your desired body goal.

I want to see all of us heal through fitness.

Q. For all those people that do not have the body type or haven’t reached their body goals or are even afraid to start, what motivation do you have for them?

You are the only obstacle in your way.
Very cliche’d but it’s true.
Move out of your own way, get started and watch yourself win!

Q. If you were to give back, what community needs fitness the most and why?

I would go back home to my own family and close friends – remember charity begins at home? They would be the quickest to be impacted by the change in my life and can spread the movement quicker than I would shouting to unknown people by myself!


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